Thursday, March 24, 2011

The meeting went... not so bad...

The scope of the meeting was to converge on a legal form/structure for our venture.

After bitting the dead horse for at least 45 minutes, i.e. talking about the corporation, we finally moved to other legal forms/structures and I presented my simple business model.

The member that had resigned was also at the meeting, strongly advocating for the corporation. In the end the resignation was reaffirmed. Another partner received my model with neutrality. The other one started to accept it and we had a very long conversation, seeking to improve it.

I still feel that my two remaining partners are not fully convinced that "open" is the way to go, but they are now moving towards my vision simply because of my central position within the venture, as the main technical person behind our prototype. I do NOT consider this a victory until my partners are not fully convinced that the open enterprise is economically viable, that it offers huge opportunities, and that it promises us all a better future.

Please feel free to comment on our starting model.

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